Refresh Your Space This Spring

It is time to start thinking about how we can refresh and revive ready for Spring, and what better way to embrace the new season than with this year’s trend of warm earthy tones. According to the paint company ‘Lick’, this year’s colour palette encourages you to slow down, be more mindful and take some time to reconnect with the natural world. Here is a look at ‘Lick’s’ chosen colour palette for Spring 2023.

A major colour requirement for this year is versatility, which neutrals often possess. These ‘slow colours’ help to relax your mind, especially when creating a comforting space. The gentle colour of our beige hammock is refreshing, especially against darker tones you may already have in your home. It blends seamlessly with natural textures such as wood, stone and foliage; helping you to feel more connected to the environment around you.

Mother’s Day, also being part of the new season, breathes new air for all the mothers out there who love to spend time in their gardens. Whether that be reading, gardening or sitting outside with a cup of tea, a hammock may just be the perfect addition to their outdoor space. With our Hammock and Stand you don’t need to worry about having two trees in your garden the correct distance apart or if the knots are tied securely. Simply hook on each end of your hammock to the stand, sit back and start relaxing.

Beige hammock

In true British fashion, Spring weather can be uncertain, so if the bad weather does strike, the stand also allows you to bring your hammock into any indoor space. If your room is big enough, position the hammock by a window to still enjoy the brighter days of Spring. You may also want to add indoor plants to your space to bring the outside in, thus creating a more harmonious abode. With the hammock and stand, it’s easier than ever to have a slice of paradise in your own home.

Whether you would like to give the hammock as a Mother’s Day present or simply treat yourself this new season, there is a mix and match option for everyone.

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