Show your home some love this February!

February can feel like a cold and dreary month, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be.
Show your abode some love this month and elevate your space with elegant mirrors and cosy fire pits.

As many curl up with a good book, new series or their favourite film to wait out the remaining winter months, one of the best ways to brighten your home is to create calm and comfortable spaces. These areas can be both indoor and outdoor - yes, even in colder weather.

Introducing mirrors into your space is the most simple, yet effective way to brighten a room. With mirrors, you can reflect light around to reach darker areas and create the illusion of a larger room. Not only do they add said depth and additional light, but framed mirrors, in particular, add sophistication to any room.

Another way to enjoy these winter days is through the addition of a fire pit to your outdoor space. With these, you can enjoy fresh air whilst keeping warm and creating a calm ambience. When shopping for a fire pit, consider both its size and fuel type. For larger outdoor spaces, we advise wood-burning fire pits, which have the added benefit of scented sprigs. Some of our personal favourites include Balsam Firs, Ponderosa Pines and the Hickory Tree - each creating a unique and wonderful olfactory experience.

Always remember to supervise your fire pit and avoid overloading it to ensure you do not lose control of the flames.

These simple steps will add warmth to your February and see you through into the lighter spring days.

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